Creative Time


The Last Stand would not have been made possible without the expertise and dedication of the following individuals and organizations:

Marcelo Añez has over three decades of experience as sound engineer/designer, and has won four Grammy Awards for his work in the music industry. Previous collaborations with Creative Time include sound design for Pedro Reyes’ 2016 Doomocracy, and Risa Puno’s 2019 Privilege of Escape. Most recently he sound designed for Flako Alvarez’s Bushwick in-car play Taxilandia, and for Gisela Cardenas’ Herstory at the New Ohio’s Ice Factory 2021 Theatre Festival.

Darling Green is a collaborative studio that specializes in exhibition design and curatorial services for art collections. Darling Green’s versatile approach includes developing workshops, installation systems, and graphic identities that think about art exhibitions in experimental and innovative ways. Clients include Bard Graduate Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art, MoMA PS1, AXA US, Le Bernardin, Performa, and American Folk Art Museum.

LEERFORM Fabrication provides creative solutions to the greater NYC arts community. In addition to helping clients connect with their audiences and audiences engage with art/artifacts, Leerform delivers comprehensive design and crating services from our fully equipped woodworking and metal fabrication facility in Brooklyn.

Tri-Lox is building a circular wood system through research, design, and craft. Their Brooklyn-based practice combines research and design, manufacturing, and custom fabrication into a comprehensive process from sourcing to the final product. Through this unique model that complements the architectural process, Tri-Lox aligns the natural and built environment for a more sustainable future.

UEO Design is a fabrication, design, and research studio. We build Apps, machines, installations, and architecture. We are located in New York City, USA, and Zhu Hai, China.

Thank you to Daniel Belquer and the team at Music: Not Impossible, who after years of continuous research and development, have engineered a complete platform for composing, translating and sending audio as vibrations wirelessly to the users’ bodies with zero perceptible latency.

Project Advisors
We are grateful to Dr. Angelica Patterson, Master Science Educator and the Black Rock Forest team including Executive Director William Schuster and Forest Historian John Brady for sharing their depth of knowledge, passion for forest conservation, and facilitating access to the forest. Thank you to the many scientists, scholars, and thinkers who lent their time and expertise to The Last Stand: Dr. Suzanne Simard, Dr. Monica Gagliano, Dr. Margaret D. Lowman (CanopyMeg), Wendy Baxter and Anthony Ambrose, and Peter Wohlleben.
Accessibility Advisors
The access design for this project was developed by Kevin Gotkin in consultation with 6 artists whose work engages Deaf culture and the artistry of accessibility: Maleni Chaitoo, Anna Gichan, Louise Hickman, Monique Holt, Liza Sylvestre, and Alexandria Wailes.