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The Last Stand Podcast is a three part series on the social life of forests, reparative land management, and just climate futures.
EPISODE ONE — Sounds of the Forest

This episode features a conversation between Kamala Sankaram, artist and composer of The Last Stand and the world’s leading forest ecologist Dr. Suzanne Simard. In part two of this episode, evolutionary ecologist and ecoacoustics expert Dr. Monica Gagliano and musicologist Frank J. Oteri discuss the sonic relationship between plants and musicians.
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EPISODE TWO — The Future of Forestry

This episode considers the future of forests and what equity and repair in land management could and should look like. We start with a roundtable on the future of urban forestry in New York City with advocates from the Forest For All coalition, featuring Alexander Bender (Tri-Lox), Lindsay Campbell (USDA Forest Service, NYC Urban Field Station), Joseph Charap (Green-Wood Cemetery), Tami Lin (The Nature Conservancy), and Nelson Villarrubia (Trees New York). In part two, ecologists and educators Dr. Angelica Patterson and Dr. Suzanne Pierre discuss the intersection of climate change and human inequality.
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EPISODE THREE — Rhizomatic Networks and Mutual Aid

In this episode, professor, lawyer, and organizer Dean Spade talks with mycologist Peter McCoy about applying the characteristics of fungal networks to the political work of resource distribution, resilience building, and solidarity.
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