Creative Time partnered with six local community-based organizations and schools on Fly By Night’s education program. Neighborhood residents enjoyed meaningful, historic tours of both the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Duke Riley’s Fly by Night led by Creative Time staff, BLDG92 educators and our team of Junior Docents. Creative Time also collaborated with each local partner to incorporate the themes of Fly By Night into their existing classroom curricula, extending the experience beyond the tour.



We partnered with BLDG 92, the public’s gateway to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, to provide tours of the Yard and Fly By Night to six neighborhood schools and community organizations. The tours combined a history of the Brooklyn Navy Yard with a stop at the Baylander, where Fly By Night crew members gave visitors an introduction to pigeons, and included workshops based on a Fly By Night curriculum.


Local Partners


Benjamin Banneker Academy

The mission of Benjamin Banneker High School for Community Development is to provide a comprehensive course of study that will actively engage students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to a multicultural, scientific and technological society. Students will draw upon community resources in preparation for the world of higher education and work. The Benjamin Banneker graduate will be a socially responsible lifelong learner prepared to promote all aspects of community development and meet the challenges of the future.


Community Roots Charter School

Community Roots Charter School is a rigorous learning community where education is embedded in meaningful real-world contexts and children are deliberately taught to see the connections between school and the world. Community Roots students will meet or exceed the New York State standards and be prepared to excel in the 21st century by becoming independent thinkers and working productively within a diverse group of learners. At Community Roots, students learn to combine curiosity with appropriate application, which leads to deep understanding and the confidence to become who they want to be.


Madison Square Boys and Girls Club

Madison Square Boys & Girls Club’s mission is to save and enhance the lives of youth by providing afterschool and summer programs for children in New York City’s most disadvantaged communities.


Goodwill Beacon 265

Goodwill Beacon 265 is committed to playing a vital role in the lives of youth living in the Fort Greene community and beyond. They will ensure that during the critical afternoon hours, young people are supervised and instructed by well-trained staff in an after school program. Goodwill Beacon 265 is continually motivated to provide exceptional educational, recreational, cultural activities and special events to participants. Their long-term vision for children, adults and families is for each individual to enhance their knowledge, build self-esteem, self-confidence and to fulfill their goals for a better and successful future, as well as provide a safe haven.


PS46 The Magnet School of Communications and Media Arts Through Applied Learning

The mission of P.S. 46 is to educate the whole child. They believe in an integrated approach to education and engage children in learning through hands on experience as well as technology.


Ingersoll Community Center

University Settlement is one of New York’s most dynamic social service institutions with deep roots on the Lower East Side. Each year University Settlement’s diverse programs help over 25,000 low-income and at-risk people build better lives for themselves and their families. With an impressive legacy as the first settlement house in the United States, University Settlement has been an incubator for progressive ideas for 125 years, offering pioneering programs in mental health, early childhood education, literacy, arts education, and adolescent development that set the standard. Building on the strength of this experience, University Settlement now provides services at 21 locations in lower Manhattan as well as in upper Manhattan and Brooklyn.



Junior Docents

As a complement to the Fly By Night performances, we created a paid Junior Docent program for four outstanding students from the Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice, located on the Boys and Girls High School Campus in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. The Junior Docent program provided leadership opportunities for students, outside of their academic environments, to prepare them to meet the demands of college and their future. Participating students worked closely with Creative Time and co-lead tours for local school groups at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


The Junior Docent program had three main goals:

– Professional Development: Public speaking and presentation skills, managing large public groups, and developing leadership practices.

– Knowledge and Understating of Public Art: Learning about the impact of public art in New York City and integrating it into students’ curriculum.

– Empowerment and Growth: Supporting the development of confidence, agency, and accountability.


(Photos: Suhaly Bautista-Carolina)