Pigeon Accomplishments

Pigeons have had a relationship with humans for thousands of years, and Fly By Night celebrates that history. While some city dwellers may write off pigeons as a nuisance, these extraordinary birds are smart, have complex social relationships, and can boast many accomplishments that have benefited their human neighbors. Take a deeper dive with these highlights of pigeon history, heroism, and intelligence:


Pigeons never forget a face: Even feral pigeons can identify humans. You may want to pay more attention to your winged neighbor on the park bench.
How smart is this bird? Let it count the ways: In a study in New Zealand, pigeons proved their smarts with math tests. The pigeons performed as well as monkeys.
Pigeons helped to tackle London’s air pollution crisis: For a few days this past March, London’s ‘Pigeon Air Patrol’ take to the skies to measure the city’s air pollution.
Pigeons identify breast cancer ‘as well as humans’: Pigeons can tell the difference between identities, letters of the alphabet, and now they can even help to detect breast cancer!
The heartwarming story of Cher Ami, the pigeon who saved 200 American soldiers: An unforgettable story of pigeon heroism. Merci, Dear Friend.
Bird’s-eye view: How do homing pigeons find their way home? Well, nobody’s quite sure, but scientists have some ideas.



(Photo: Will Star/Shooting Stars Pro)