Creative Time Reports: Subtlety Series





Commemorating Kara Walker’s historic project, Creative Time Reports features poetry, prose and illustrations related to the exhibition’s central themes, from five innovative and internationally renowned writers and artists.




edwidge danticatEdwidge Danticat: The Price of Sugar

Award-winning Haitian-American novelist Edwidge Danticat explores labor conditions on contemporary sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic.

tracy k smithTracy K. Smith: Photo of Sugar Cane Plantation Workers, Jamaica, 1891

Brooklyn-based poet Tracy K. Smith pens a lyrical response to a historic photograph of Jamaican plantation workers.

ricardo cortésRicardo Cortés: The Act of Whitening

Illustrator and writer Ricardo Cortés limns the association between sugar, the slave labor of its historic manufacture, and the Delft-themed iconography of its early distributors, in a series of drawings.

ricardo cortésShailja Patel: Unpour

The acclaimed Kenyan writer and performer Shailja Patel examines the ethical and racialized implications of refining sugar.

ricardo cortésJean-Euphèle Milcé: To Drink My Sweet Body

Haitian poet and novelist Jean-Euphèle Milcé imagines the harrowing conditions endured by the sugar-cane workers of his country.