Creative Time


Join thousands around the world in ART of the MOOC, a series of online courses designed by artist and Duke University professor Pedro Lasch to also be a work of public art. Originally produced by Creative Time in 2015, the two inaugural courses are co-taught by Artistic Director Nato Thompson. Now permanently available through Coursera’s on demand platform and fully translated into Spanish, these courses allow learners to complete segments at any given pace, without losing access to the much valued peer review community and global discussion forums.



Merging traditional classroom practices with new technology and aesthetic experimentation, unlimited participation and open access via the web is encouraged. Video lectures, complementary materials, and presentations by cross-national artists, curators, critics, and activists provide a formal and theoretical overview of the fundamental themes within socially-engaged public art. Interspersed with these lessons, students contribute to the field by completing creative assignments and participating in collective art projects. Online forums and opportunities to assemble outside of class allow participants to share their activities while developing critical skills. Through this hands-on, participatory approach, ART of the MOOC welcomes learners as collaborators in an unprecedented expression of public art and education. With more than eight-thousand participants in 134 countries enrolling in its first year alone, our community of global yet intimate engagement will keep on growing as we nurture our many ongoing collaborations.