Photo by Stephen Toback

Special Thanks

This project was produced with generous contributions from the following offices at Duke University: Provost, Digital and Online Initiatives, Humanities Writ Large-New Configurations, Vice-Provost for the Arts, Dean of Humanities, and the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies.


In addition to the guest presenters, the artist would also like to recognize the following individuals for their invaluable contributions: Seth Anderson, Srinivas Aravamudan, Lee Baker, Suhaly Bautista-Carolina, Donnamarie Baptiste, Michael Blair, Sheila Dillon, Laura Eastwood, Eric Ferreri, Sophia Fish, Esther Gabara, Tamika Galanis, Sinan Goknar, Alex Gordon, Katie Hollander, Justin Johnsen, Sally Kornbluth, Tara Kramling, Sophie Landres, Scott Lindroth, Courtney Lockemer, Shawn Miller, Lynnette Miranda, Lynne O’Brien, Eylul Iscen Ozgun, Colleen Pesci, Taylor Peterson, Richard Powell, Sara Reisman, Victoria Rogers, Rosalia Romero, Dan Smith, Lee Sorensen, Eliza Soros, Max Symuleski, Sally Szwed, Nato Thompson, Stephen Toback, Brian Welesko, Haoyang Zhao, Robert Zimmerman.